Great products at budget prices is hard to find. However, JIC has never charged for service. Further, we put much effort into supplying reasonable products.
“Price is our key”


We will back up you all the time. Firstly, we will support you in the buying and selling process. After that, we will give you a hand in after-sale service.
“Support is our core value”


With 13 years experience, JIC has confidence in giving you the best products. Above all, it's the satisfaction of our customers and the increasing number of orders.
“Quality is our pride”


No matter what type of products you order, we always deliver on time.

“On-time delivery is our habit”


Japan Import Company (JIC) was founded in 2007 in Japan. Therefore, we marked 13 years in operation In 2020


We are supplying plenty kinds of products. For example, there are charcoals, agricultural products and also organic fertilizers...


We have expanded our network of partners to other cities in Japan. Meanwhile, we still diversify our suppliers


JIC has dynamic and youthful staffs. Moreover, our team maintains and extends our business day by day.

3 main kind of charcoal, for instance, Sawdust briquettes charcoal, White charcoal, Black charcoal

Variety of agricultural products, for example, bamboo products, agricultural tools, garden stones…

Organic fertilizer is processed directly from chicken manure

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