3 types of Chicken fertilizer
  2. Manufacturer: GinanSyouJi Co., LTD
  3. Address: 3-9-3 Imojima, Gifu city Gifu – Pref, Japan
  4. Characteristics:

Product introduction and production process:

  • Organic fertilizer ORGANIC FERTILIZER JP- TL is processed directly from chicken manure, not mixed with any other artificial compound.
  • Waste (chicken manure) from chickens farmed on farms, stored in dry conditions, suitable temperature, no moldy, not infected with germs from flies or any other cause.
  • After about 4 to 7 days, they are dried by high-grade industrial process .
  • And then sorted into first batch fermenter (modern microbial fermentation system).
  •    The tempering system, be crushed and sorted second times.
  • Product obtained continued put into the second fermenter.
  • Form the product and make into pellets with content from 45% to 60% organic matter.
  • Color: brown.
  • Forms: powder, pellet
  • Packing: PP bag 15 kg, jumbo bag 850 kg
  • Packaging printing follows requirements of customer.

5. Delivery

  • Container 20 feet load minimum 17 tons
  • Container 40 feet load minimum 25,5 tons
  • Delivery to Hai Phong Port or Cat Lai Port from 15 to 22 days counting from deposit day
Price of Powder, at Hai Phong or Cat Lai port: 3,500d / kg
Price of Pellet, at Hai Phong or Cat Lai port: 5,000d / kg