JIC has been distributing a variety of products throughout Japan including charcoal, agricultural products and household products which raise your living standards.

There are a wide range of charcoal that we can supply, namely sawdust briquette charcoal, white charcoal, black charcoal. JIC’s charcoal, 100% natural, no chemical additives or filters and friendly-environment, can burn longer and cleaner with high temperature to your satisfaction.

Besides, we also offer made in Vietnam products for farmers such as straw hats, rakes, baskets listed in JIC’s catalogue. Thus, you can easily find out what fits you best.

Lastly, a host of household products such as chopsticks, cleansing tools, charcoal pots, incinerators with diverse selection, good quality, not to mention reasonable price are waiting for you right here in JIC. 

Especially, we have recently imported the high quality made in Japan organic-based fertilizer derived from chicken manure. This type of fertilizer can provide plants with nutrients and improve organic matter in the soil.

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